"Dear Dr. Verna, Your keynote message of Personal Power and the power to change was just what people needed to shake loose from the limits we humans tend to place on ourselves. Thank you!"
"For so long, I've been paralyzed by fear. I didn't believe in myself...your book has given me hope. I thank you for that. I opened your book and felt like I was home."
"I've been in quite a few 'empowerment', 'leadership' ,etc workshops, but yours definately was more like a revival in leadership. Your energy alone was powerful."
"THANK YOU! So much of what you had to say touched my soul. I've learned that I was one of those people who readily gave away my power and I know that is probably why I often felt empty. I look forward to reading your book, creating goal and vision statements for my life!"
"I have ordered my copy of your new book Change Your Life in 30 days and I have accepted the mission to change."
"I love your positive messages Dr. Verna. I'm looking forward to reading your new book, Change Your Life in 30 days!"
"Dealing with change can be daunting. In Change Your Life in 30 days, Dr. Verna takes you by the hand and helps you choose, change, and challenge yourself with growing from the inside out. Comforting, confronting, and caring, this personal guide takes you from where you are to where you want to be...you won't leave home without it!"
"A friend of mine let me borrow her copy of The Power of People and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I read it a second time. After that I purchased 25 books for my church, family and friends...This book will give you a new mindset on how you look at people and the situations in your life."

"I was feeling completely powerless over my job, my life and my future. After reading The Power of People (in one weekend), I took control of my life with my own power! I found out who were the power people I needed to stick with and the power people who were making me fail! I would recommend it to anyone who feels lost!"
"I will continually work on self betterment because I NEVER want anybody to view me as a subtracter friend or co-worker...the points in the lesson about the traits of a subtracter should be enough to scare anybody with a conscience straight!"
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"Greetings, .. Dr. Price, I just found your CD, Ignite the Fire and it brought back the memory of when I met you in Iowa. You were about 5 months pregnant then, and we were at the "Whispers and Screams" conference. After I saw you that day, I made the decisionto quit me job that day. [...] For the words that made me quit my job, I THANK YOU! [...]Quitting that job made me realize that little-by-little I was dying. Thank you for your words! I'm alive and like you, I just work to spread the FIRE that you speak of. .. Thank you again for speaking LIFE to my dying spirit!"